Types of chronic DISEASES


For the silent, invisible and resolute

This is the place where you are understood.

These are invisible illnesses. Often people are too sick to leave their homes, too ill to advocate for themselves. These can be lonely, isolating illnesses. Some are functional and live with silent symptoms that just won’t go away. Others are devastatingly ill. Primary care doctors more often than not send you on your way with no answers other than giving you something to control symptoms. ER doctors roll their eyes when they see you coming. Friends and family cannot understand the silent lonely place this is.
There just is no way to explain to others how truly difficult it can be to live from day to day. Most try treatment after treatment. Some get better, many do not. The daily courage it takes to live with these illnesses is truly heroic. For those who have gone from doctor to doctor, incurred exorbitant expenses, and gone through numerous treatments, yet still find themselves trapped in the clutches of illness, ChroniX has been created for you.
No matter what type of chronic disease you are facing – whether it’s Long Covid, Chronic Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, PANS/PANDAS, Mast Cell Syndrome, or any other complex illness – our goal is to give you tools to manage your health information, communicate your story, give you a roadmap to uncover root causes that may be keeping you ill, partner with your healthcare provider to determine best treatment protocols, and chart your progress on your journey to a better life.